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Your privacy is important to Dansac A/S. Dansac will not sell, rent, disclose or distribute any personal information to others without your consent except as where permitted or required by law.

Personal information (information that can indentify you such as your name ) collected by Dansac may be used to contact you about Dansac and its products and services, and may be shared with Dansac´s affiliates and with other outside organizations ( e.g., service providers, healthcare product suppliers ) to help them contact you on behalf of Dansac or offer Dansac products for treatment of a patient´s condition. Dansac will make every effort to keep your personal information private, confidential and secure and in accordance with all applicable privacy legislation.

Your personal information may be stored in Denmark, where it will be subject to Danish laws. If you no longer wish to receive such communications, you may "opt out" at any time by contacting your local Dansac office.

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